We are sustainable! A big claim.
For us at TONI this doesn’t just mean the handling of materials, which we process and bring to the market. For us, sustainability stands in close connection to our responsibility towards our employees, our environment and not least of all our customers.
For more transparency and information, we have introduced the GREEN BY TONI sigil. All marked products are made of fabrics with sustainable production cycles. This means, among other things, that less water or energy is necessary, the CO2-emissions are lower or further processing is preferably done regionally.

SOFT AUTHENTIC DENIM (11-01): Authentic denim, which consists of a high share of recycled cotton and polyester yarn.
•    high-quality yarn produced from recycled and conventionally grown cotton
•    PES yarn made from recycled plastic bottles

ITALIAN COSY DENIM (12-68): Italian denim (candianidenim.it) with effects achieved by a health-friendly laser technique, instead of a bleaching process.
•    original italian denim
•    decreased water consumption
•    improved work conditions
•    reduction of sewage water
•    low use of grafting material

COSY GABARDINE (21-12) and SATIN (21-44): Velvet-like cotton qualities, which consume less water and energy during their production.
•    20-50% reduced water usage, depending on the color
•    40-50% less energy consumption
•    decreased CO2 emissions
•    less sewage disposal necessary
•    dyes fulfill the REACH*1 criteria

GLENCHECK COTTON CREPE (24-01): Italian cotton-mix, fabricated from recylced cotton and polyester.
•    made in Italy
•    recycled cotton
•    PES yarn made from reused plastic bottles
•    cotton from up to 80% sustainable cultivation

GLENCHECK PRINT (28-07) and GRAPHIC PRINT (28-08): Printed cotton blends that are printed using a new digital printing process.
•    50-60% reduced water consumption
•    50-60% less energy consumption
•    80-95% diminished CO2 emissions
•    70-80% decreased lead times
•    75-85% waste reduction
•    noise reduction

COSY CORDUROY (31-02): Cord quality from one of the last cord manufacturers in Germany.
•    made in Germany: German fabric qualities are subject to one of the highest environmental standards in Europe and the world.
•    short transport routes
•    regional added value

REFIBRA™ (71-21): Revolutionary quality in which the yarn is made from eucalyptus wood and recycled cotton.
•    eucalyptus wood becomes Pulp-Tencel®
•    old cotton is shred
•    both are spun into yarn

MERINO WOOL (91-01): First-rate wool quality which is woven in Germany.
•    made in Germany:. German fabric qualities are subject to one of the highest environmental standards in Europe and the world.
•    at least 20% less energy used
•    regional added value
•    0% groundwater consumption thanks to water extraction of surface water and return of cleaned sewage