Are you looking for stylish fashion, perfect fit, maximum comfort and outstanding quality? Congratulations! You've found your favourite brand in Relaxed by TONI. This season is shaped by reflections on the essentials and bring a lot of joy and desire for summer fashion in cheerful, fresh topics.

Modernity, comfort and elegance have long since ceased to be a contradiction! No other brand combines these attributes as skilfully as Relaxed by TONI. Perfectly slim-fitting trousers and jeans are still at the heart of the collection. This we have learnt from experience and your buying habits over recent seasons. Slim-fit trousers are absolutely timeless and should not be missing from any contemporary wardrobe. They flatter your figure and don't constrain.

Perfect fit! To guarantee you a perfect fit, we at Relaxed by TONI work with different fits, waistband designs and lengths. All this means that you are guaranteed to find your favourite trousers in the online shop. What type are you?

Casual and sporty: Do you like things to be uncomplicated and sporty for your active lifestyle? Then these trousers are just right for you. My Best Friend is the Relaxed family's slim-fit line. Its high waistband and the comfortable invisible waistband are wonderfully casual. The sporty five-pocket style can be combined in unlimited ways. Or how about the My Darling CS or Alice CS pull-on trousers? These two offer a refined look and are even more comfortable around the tummy thanks to their wide, elastic waistband. New in the family: The top Belmonte trousers range has switched sides. From spring, you will find them here at Relaxed by TONI. The comfortable waistband with crimped elastic at the sides and slim upper legs are typical of this design. When it comes to sporty trousers and jeans, the must haves for the summer are of course short variants of typical summer lengths such as ¾, Capri, Bermuda, etc.!

Classically elegant: Do you prefer an elegant look? Premium fabrics, such as comfortable jerseys, high quality cotton mixes and easy-care travel pieces make models like Jade, Alice and Steffi true modern classics. The elegant Steffi trouser is a perfect example: a narrow, slim-fit trouser with side stretch, which always looks neat and stylish. Jade pull-on trousers are the undisputed queen of comfort. Their fully elasticated waistband guarantees ultimate wearability and well-being.

Are you both classic and casual? The beautiful thing about us women is that we are endlessly multifaceted. Of course you can find all trouser designs here in the Relaxed by TONI online shop!