Relaxed by TONI

Timelessly elegant, stylish, classic and always easy to handle – this is the slogan for the classic cloth trousers from Relaxed by TONI.

Elaborate waistbands with side stretch or full elastic ensure comfort in a class of its own. Premium fabrics, such as warm jerseys, high-quality merino wools, non-scratchy wools and easy-care travel pieces make lines like Jade, Alice and Steffi true modern classics. Classics that will delight you again and again, whatever the occasion. A perfect example of this is the elegant Steffi trouser: a narrow, slim-fit trouser with side stretch, which always looks tidy and stylish. Jade, meanwhile, is the undisputed queen of comfort. Its fully elasticated waistband guarantees the utmost wearability and wellbeing. The decorative heart-shaped hanger is a symbol of just how close such small details are to our hearts.

Premium materials: Wrinkle-resistant, easy-iron and always tidy – that’s Travel Comfort. The easy-care stretch fabric is particularly resilient, and unlike conventional artificial fibres, there is no bobbling and no development of shiny spots. It therefore represents the perfect starting point for timeless, classic combinations. For those who prefer wonderfully warm materials, high-quality merino wool and non-scratchy wool are the perfect options.

Perfect silhouettes: slim, form-fitting cuts characterise the trend of the Relaxed cloth trouser collection! With the help of elegant creasing and sophisticated cuts that ensure slender proportions and never constrict, a modern, classic look is achieved. French pockets and perfectly placed darts conjure up a narrow waist and ensure that no unwanted creases or even bulges develop. It’s here that Relaxed by TONI's decades of experience pays off for you!

Timeless colours: grey, anthracite, brown, black and marine – this is the classically contemporary colour palette of our cloth trousers. Colours that are never obtrusive, but instead appear chic and modern. Alongside single colour pieces, you will also find modern checked prints and subtle snake patterns in the Relaxed City collection. These pieces will grab everyone's attention and give off that certain wow factor.