Timelessly elegant, stylish, classic and uncomplicated – all this describes classic cloth trousers from Relaxed by TONI.

The Steffi design boasts elaborate waistband workmanship with an elastic band on the side; the Jade design provides extra comfort with an entirely elasticated waste. With the fabrics you can look forward to the highest quality again! Wrinkle-resistant, easy to iron and always correct - this is the “Travel Comfort” suitcase. The easy-care stretch quality is particularly insensitive. Unlike ordinary synthetic fibers, it does not attract lint and does not get shiny spots. It is the perfect starting point for timeless, classic combinations. Narrow, figure-stretching cuts also determine the trend for city trousers!

Supported by elegant temple folds and refined cuts that ensure slim proportions and pleasantly surround your figure, a modern and classic look is created. French pockets and ideally placed darts conjure up a narrow hip and ensure that no unwanted wrinkles or even bumps arise. This is where the decades of experience of Relaxed by TONI pay off for you.