Relaxed by TONI

What’s new? What’s modern?

Animal Prints: Rooooaaar - it's going to get wild! The long-standing trend extends into this season with an attractive range of leopard print and subtle snake print patterns. Check, check, check: Check remains a strong trend in this season. Relaxed by TONI offers a variety of trousers and skirts in this sought-after pattern, so you can always be stylishly dressed. For that extra special touch, we also have a combination of foil prints and appliqués. Side stripes: The use of satin stripe detailing provides a very refined look. The trouser specialist stylishly emphasises the side stitches with bands and piping. This is what makes Alice and Clarissa such eye-catching lines. As well as this, Relaxed by TONI uses colour-matched embroidery like floral and graphic print expertly. Through additional embroidery and appliqués, prints are framed in a completely new way and given little accents through colourful elastic bands.

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