Figure-hugging? You're welcome! Skinny-fit jeans are your alltime-favourite. You're welcome! Skinny fit jeans are your alltime-favourite. Skin-tight jeans have become a firmly established fashion favourite and will remain with us for a long time to come, despite the fact that are silhouettes are getting wider. Breathing problems or a crush around the middle? Not with TONI jeans! Thanks to the elastic materials, our jeans adapt to your legs – not the other way round.

Every woman should own at least one pair of skinny jeans; Because it can simply be wonderfully combined with the currently trendy casual tops. Sneakers or pumps? It doesn't matter! These tight jeans look top fashionable with every shoe. There are therefore no limits to your ideas for station wagons. 

You also have the choice when it comes to design: summery prints of leaves and flowers? Uni jeans with subtle washing effects? Zippers? Rivet? Conspicuous or reserved? Our bestsellers can now be found on www.toni-fashion.de