Our slim-fitting and now increasingly casual trouser styles give an air of modern, sporty nonchalance, so you will feel 100 percent at ease.

Exclusive materials: Innovative techno-stretch, high performance materials and wintery cotton fabrics form a sporty basis that makes for optimal wearer comfort. Elaborate jacquards or minimal designs make the TONI trousers trendy and chic, while our washable Perfect Colour finish ensures that the vivid colour of your trousers always stays fresh and never fades.

Cuts Things remain stylish and hugely comfortable among the athletic TONI trousers! Jenny CS and Jolie, with their sporty yet elegant look, embody the modern, active style of the TONI collection, while ankle lengths remain on trend for the winter too. Belmonte and its sister style Be Loved are still a firm feature of the collection and, as before, are also available in petite sizes. These offer the comfort around the tummy and the slim thigh that women are after. Honey and Liv skilfully set the trend for a relaxed leg, while anyone seeking a figure-accentuating look with a shaping effect is on the right course with Perfect Shape, which shapes the belly and rear and presents any figure in the right light.

Colour palette: The range of colours in the TONI athletic trousers collection is primarily natural. Colours include beige, caramel, gold, khaki, blue and dark blue, in combination with warm tones such as plum, lava red, wine red, dark brown, dark grey and black.